Never Get Locked out Again - Amade Swim

When we originally started the design process for Amade, one of the early challenges we encountered was how we would integrate pockets into our swimwear. Pockets that could actually be used. More specifically, how we could include these pockets without being too bulky and interfering with the design. We also needed to figure out how to balance this while keeping a dynamic, streamlined silhouette.

Since forgetting or losing a key has happened to just about everyone at one point or another, we thought it would be helpful to include this important design feature. Our solution was to start from the ground up and design a swimwear pattern that would include these pockets so that they would be "hidden" to be able to hold any type of key. Whether it was a locker key or room key or ID card.

The hidden pocket feature is available on our entire collection of  men's and women's swimwear. Here's to having you never get locked out again!